MR Dizajn - zemlja slikana iz svemira, sa nasim sloganom budi prepoznat.

MR Design studio

From idea to realization. All under one roof. Be recognized.

About us

Solid correlation between science and contemporary aesthetics in products of modern consumer societies is an imperative in the design approach and creative work of MR Design Studio.

A multidisciplinary approach and synergy of knowledge in the fields of industrial, graphic, web design, and interior design, equally as in 3D animation, virtual reality animation, and marketing, constitute the subject of the unique artistic expression of our team members.

A recognizable visual identity of your products and accompanying promotional materials in the form of catalogs, banners, and flyers, distinctive design solutions for your interiors and exteriors, unique three-dimensional animations of your products and services, and noticed marketing presence of your company are our ongoing tasks.

Be recognized.

industrijski dizajn, skice dizajn jahte Adrenaliner Koncept sklopive bicikle Sioux, projekat za industrijski dizajn

Industrial Design

Product Design

By combining art and science, we design functional, attractive, ergonomically adapted, and economically viable products for production and use. Through various phases—conceptual design, technical documentation creation, production, and testing...

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# Dizajn elektricnih punjaca, industrijski dizajn ONNO Gate, dizajn proizvoda, dezinfekciona vrata
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moderan logo dizajn za kompaniju Hessen. Dizajn modernog i informativnog kataloga za kompaniju Frigo Sopring

Graphic Design

Visual Communication

We convey the desired message to the target audience in an appealing and easily understandable manner through logo and web design, packaging design, corporate design, magazine design. Our approach to design is creative, functional, and tailored to your needs. We enhance your business...

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# Dizajn vizit karti za kompaniju Pink cevabdzinice. Dizajn ambalaže i pakovanja za cevape koje koristi kompanija Pink cevabdzinice
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3D vizualizacija modernog enterijera za stuido Pujo Dizajn i 3D vizualizacija enterijera za kompaniju Schiedel.

3D Visualization

3D Modeling & Rendering

According to your requirements, for the purpose of creating digital presentations, websites, printed catalogs, posters and banners, TV commercials, films, etc., we create visually realistic digital content, such as visualization of industrial products, architectural structures, exteriors and interiors, packaging, and others...

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# Dizajn i 3D vizualizacija fabrike za proizvodnju municije. 3D vizualizacija proizvoda vojno vozilo Despot.
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3D animacija tankera za brodogradiliste u Holandiji. 3D animacija tankera sa logo MR dizajn studija.

3D Animation

3D Visualization / CGI

Svetlosni efekti, realistična tekstura, pokreti i drugi detalji animacije u reklamama, prezentacijama, video igrama i drugim medijskim formatima, privlače veću pažnju potencijalnih kupaca, edukuju publiku o Vašim složenim proizvodima i uslugama, jačaju Vaš brend i štede Vaš novac i vreme.

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# 3D animacija za vojno vozilo Kurjak. 3D animacija masina za proizvodnju municije u fabrici.
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Izgled modernog web sajta na mobilnom za kompaniju ONNO. Izgled web sajta na laptopu u formi novina za kompaniju ONNO.


Website Development

Through planning, design, development, and testing, we arrive at the best solution for your website. In interaction with you in the planning and design process, we quickly and efficiently create a modern visual identity for your web solution. Using professional programming languages and technologies, we implement your content into aesthetically pleasing and functional web pages...

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# Izgled web sajta kompanije Power West na monitoru, Izgled web sajta na svim ure]ajima, prikazju'i responzive dizajn. Web sajt je za kompaniju Green Power Innovation.
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Reklama i bilbor za kompaniju Andromeda. Buducnost i odrzivost Reklama za proizvod ONNO Gate, bilbord.


Advertising / Promotion

We raise awareness about your products and services, attract customers, increase sales, and improve customer experiences. With the motto "Be recognized," we make your products and services more visible. We approach uniquely and innovatively, guaranteeing service tailored to your needs and goals.

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# Grafikon koliko se koriste drustvene mreze Ikonice alata za digitalni marketing, email markteting, google ads, Buffer, Hootsuite...
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HTC Vive Cosmos VR naocare VR u simulatoru tenka M-84.

Virtual Reality

VR Services

Virtual reality is a technology that allows users to interact with a computer that simulates the real world and creates a sense of presence in that world. Users use special VR glasses to enter the virtual world and have an exceptional experience...

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# VR kako se koristi u enterijerima. Slika VR opreme HTC Vive Cosmos.
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